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A time will come when man will look back and say "Once upon a time, there lived barbarians on this earth who believed in several religions, and they killed their fellow beings in the name of God"

"God in Two Minutes"
I can foresee a world united again, a world where man will not be divided by religion. Religion will be "scientifically" explained and we will see that there is only one so-called God, which is a power within each one of us. Man will see his folly

Book: God in Two Minutes
While science has helped us understand most of the universe around us, there is one small area very close to us which still remains in the dark - the complex world within ourselves, the area within the human mind. We have not understood ourselves and our mind.

Is God a Myth?
The vehicle of business runs on two uneven wheels - one wheel (technology) runs at jet speed and the other (people) at bullock cart speed. It is extremely important to address this "inertia of the human mind" to sustain businesses. You need a solution with a behavioural approach. Hence the author has coined a new term called "Behavioral IT®" to address the people issues of IT.

Behavioral IT® - Coping with IT Disruptions
Prem Spirituality Model attempts to provide a very simple definition of Spirituality with a scientific flavor. Spirituality is a science which relates to you and your mind alone. It has nothing to do with the concept of religion or god

Prem Spirituality ModelTM- Ringing in a Spiritual Revolution
Not all actions are results of our conscious decisions. Most actions are driven by the subconscious mind on which we have little control. This insight can help us better understand people and improve relations - Read about Subconscious Mind...

What is Subconscious Mind?
History is a witness to the fact that when a phenomenon was not understood, it was said to be caused by god. Rain? Rain god. Wind? Wind god. Science came in and god was no longer required to explan these phenomena.

Is God a Myth?
In stone-age our answer to the question "Who makes rain and wind?" should have been, "I don't know". Likewise, our answer to all that is unknown today should be "I don't know today. It may be explained tomorrow." Because we are in the stone-age of Mind Science today

Is God a Myth?
The business head can contribute very positively to the effectiveness of computerisation if he has done what could be called a "Bottleneck Analysis" for his business - an analysis of where the shoe pinches the most

Bringing Computers In
Since some very staunch beliefs in the past have crumbled and appear ridiculously funny today, we must be ready to accept that some of our current beliefs may also turn out to be myths. We have such deep faith in our theories that statements against this belief system are considered blasphemous. We must be mentally prepared to obliterate some of our strongest beliefs of today.

Is God a Myth?

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